Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Cleaning

March came in like a lion for me--in the form of a most wicked viral flu that I'm still recovering from.  But as humanity slowly returns to my form, I started to do a bit of cleaning of old files and paperwork.  Came across two poems about Spring (one unfinished and the other cutsey rhyming!)

[Poem the first--unfinished]

Spring! Spring! Spring!
When the season and cycle at long last turns
to longer days and growing warmth...

Ice melts! Snow fades!  Sun Shines!
And water flows through field and stream...

[Poem the second - all Rhymie-wimey!]

Little budding maple tree
oh what shade you'll make for me
for when the summer sun s high
You'll sheild its glare from my eye
Though in the fall your leaves turn red
And drift like wisps upon my head
Too soon in winter dark  you'll sleep
but thoughts of summer shade I'll keep
Until the spring melts ice and snow
and once again your buds will grow.